The WOC-relay and the days after

onechanceI came home yesterday afternoon from the hospital in Mora. Surgery on Thursday morning was the decision. Bacterial culture grow, blood samples and cleaning of the wound was done. The doctor stuck down his nose in the hole in my quadriceps and took a deep sniff and said, ”Doesn’t smell like a farm” which was good, the doctors in Hungary had made a god job he meant with that. They will go in to the muscle and check damage and sew the muscle fascia together.

Amazing how nice it felt to get back home again. It has been some long days since Friday. Still if I had a lot of visits I had some worried time in the hospital bed. Because almost no one at the hospital could speak English at the entire situation has been a little bit like Faulty Towers, they say something in Hungarian and sometimes makes charades. And then something happens like they clean my wound or rip the tube out that I had in to the wound. If I was lucky they come with a red and yellow pill or a injection, assume I shouldn’t do a doping test after this for a while=) Sometimes it was cleaning time, like 4.40 in the morning

Our doctor Björn has been a great support for me. He arranged with a lot of doctor stuffs and answered my questions that gave me some peace. My teammates, Ingunn, mum, dad and my little sister, club mates and many more who was in Miskolc and all of those of you who sent regards has made the days easier. I truly appreciate it!

After signing out from the county hospital on Sunday afternoon a dropped bye at the banquet and the Swedish team thanked the Czech, French and Norwegian team with a special relay where they fought about the ”victory”. I must confess that I’m impressed of the fighting spirit they showed and it was lots of fun to see them! Who won? That I let unsaid… Then a long-awaited return back home where I traveled in a wheelchair and Business class, I like! (That’s what Borat would have said I guess).

Something that many have had questions about, how the injury happened? With myself as the only witness so just after the 12th post I speeded up running downhill and suddenly something smashed my right quadriceps and I tried to continue for some steps but I had to stop. Then I saw a big branch sticking out, I sat down and felt on the branch, it was not moving. I almost panicked and assuming it was going to get bloody like in a bad splatter movie. Then I saw Thierry and I yelled at him to help. Anders come some seconds later and after a while also Michael Smola come and he stopped instantly. I remember I told them to continue to run but they all refused. That I’m happy about because during the time they helped me I passed out several times. They removed the branch and stopped the bleeding with the GPS vest and the French sweater and Thierry measured that the branch got 12 cm in. They took me down to the road and Anders run away to get some help from the arena. Some really worrying minutes for me went by suddenly it was a lot of doctors, an ambulance and analgetic substance. The ambulance took me to the county hospital in Miskolc where they examined and did surgery in order to clean the wound. And eventually I got to a room and I could rest.

A time like this you get remained that still sports is just a game. I’m enormously thankful and happy that those who for some minutes where my worst competitors and I’m theirs decided to abort the hunt for gold and in a moment changed to help me with determination and efficiency. Anders, Michal, Thierry, THANKS for the high moral and sportsmanship you all showed in your acting’s!

Unfortunately I can’t give them any medals but they have my greatest respect as sportsmen and humans. I hope many more agrees with that.

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  1.   Borat

    I Like! Klockrent 😉

  2.   Jani Lakanen

    Hej Martin!

    It’s very nice to hear that you are all right now. I really can understand your feelings after my achilles was broken in Ventspils last year. The only differencies are that it wasn’t WOC relay and I didn’t bleed so I managed to get away from forest of my own. You needed help and luckily could get it soon, but you sure come back stronger than ever.

    After my injury and now watching yours, the perspective of sport do changes. It’s just a game, anyway, like you wrote. Still you were really strong that day and the only thing I’m wondering is that how The Swiss can be so lucky…

    Good luck and all the best for recovery!
    Humour you seem to have left – keep the smile! :)

    with best regards,

  3.   martin

    he martin, i do not relly know you but i feelt necessery to say to you "good luck" with your injury and i hope you will be coming soon back to the forests, because your a great orienteer! and nice to see some Humour as well your great english!

  4.   Carlos Valencia

    Good luck and all the best for recovery from Valencia (Spain).

    Best regards from all spanish orienteerings.


  5.   Karl Tiselius

    Det som inte dödar, det härdar!
    Krya på dig legend!

  6.   Arpad

    Dear Martin,

    Have a quick and full recovery.
    Here is the movie I made at the banquet. Feel free to link it in on your page.
    Best regards,

  7.   Lalla Dickfors

    Vad vore livet utan en roddmaskin…….
    Tur du följde med och tittade på handboll i Eskilstuna, så du fick komma ut och luftas.
    Fin rehabhelg blev det. Promenad, promenad, promenad på stan, och ett pass i gymet .
    Kör nu bara inte för hårt med det friska benet. För då kommer det att se konstigt ut bakifrån med en "svullen skinka".
    Läger hos mig i slutet av oktober, glöm inte det.

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